• Durability
• Free cool air
• Rapid payback
• Low cost operation
• Environmentally friendly equipment


1. Electrical Distribution
Neat logical electrical distribution control board with removable pressure safely swithces for easy servicing.

2. Insulated Casing
For reduced noise and condensation.

3. Water Pump
The all bronze circulating pump is corrosion resistant, and has high head capability at design flow rates. Flanged inlet and outlet make removal for service easy.

4. Evaporator Coil
Corrosion resistant all copper, dynamic 4 rows evaporator coil giving a 50% higher efficiency and lower operating cost.

5. Blower Fan
Direct driven centrifungal fan operates at 1075 rpm (60Hz) for low noise operation. Vibration isolating motor mounts minimize noise and vibration. Fan is capable of operating with up to 1/2 iwg (12.7mm Aq) external static pressure. Marine duty motor is corrosion protected.

6. Low & high pressure metre
To show the percentage or level of refrigerant in the heat machine and to indicate the pressure built up in the heat machince.

7. Cabinet Case
All stainless steel cabinet case with stainless steel fastener, fully weather proof for outdoor installation.

8. Internal Heat Exchanger
Advanced Technology “Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger” offer you a whole new level of performance and cost effectiveness.

9. Liquid Receiver
R134a refrigerant is environmental friendly and easily produces 60% and higher water temperatures.

10. Danfoss Filter Dryer
Ensure filtered refrigerant is environmental friendly and easily filtered refrigerant flow back to the contender and compressor.

11. Compressor
New technology scroll type compressor is super compact, super quiet and highly efficient.

12. Digital Hot Water temperature control
With this gauge, we can identify the temperature of the hot water in the calorifier tank.


An air source to water heat pump is a heating and cooling system that uses outside air as its heat source and heat sink. Under the principles of vapor compression refrigeration, uses a refrigerant R134a system involving a compressor and a condenser to absorb heat at one place and release it at another.

In domestic heating use, a heat pump absorbs heat from outside air and releases cool air (around 18°C cool air). When correctly specified, a heat pump can offer a full central heating solution and domestic or commercial hot water up to 60°C.

Outside air, at any temperature above 10°C, contains some heat. An air-source heat pump moves (‘pumps’) some of this heat to provide hot water or space heating. This can be done in either direction, to cool the interior of a home or building.

The main components of a heat pump are:
• A outdoor evaporator coil, which extracts heat from ambient air.
• An inner heat exchanger coil, which transfer the heat into a water tank.

Air source heat pumps can provide fairly low cost space heating. A high efficiency heat pump can provide up to four times as much heat as an electri heater using the same energy.


What does a typical installation look like?
This diagram shows a usual installation for a EZ HOT system using three hot water storage tanks to produce 10,000 litres per day of hot water at 55°C – 60°C.
Ul Approved: Indoor Or Outdoor Installation

Who is a typical EZ HOT customer?
Any commercial user of hot water such as apartment buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, laundries, health clubs and restaurants.

EZ HOT Commercial Calorifier
Adequate storage capacity is vital to maximize the EZ Hot Heat Pump water heater system performance. Water is circulated between the storage tank and the heat pump unit by the built in circulating pump.

The water is heated approximately 8°C each time it passes through the heat pump unit. The tank temperature gradually rises until the themostat control is reached and the heat pump automatically shuts off.

3D Engineer Drawing Minimized Wastage
EZ Hot minimized wastage of material by using advance 3D design drawing to create more accurate result in actual installation, plotting and consolidating plans.

Professional Production Team
EZ HOT production teams are built up by experiences & highly skillful workers, improving quality, profitability and processes within the hot water tank manufacturing industry.